YCC Potluck Party

Our potluck party on May 30th went really well, thanks to our hosts Emma Wang and Charles Huang who introduced the history of the YCC and the ACCEF, Holly Jing who booked the awesome clubhouse, the hard work of two photographers, and everyone who participated!

We had about 75 participants in total and 32 of them were students. About 20 students participated in the Student Dish Contest, and we had pasta, fried rice, pork, dumplings, salad, brownies, jello, and more. Everything was so delicious and finally we had four winners in total that were determined by blind votes from the students at the party. The YCC club presidents from the six high school branches also shared their experiences with our new members.
After the success of the House of China volunteer event, we will have three more events coming up in the summer! There will be a collage application conference on 7/9, hosted by William Mao & Jacob Zhong, a talent show on 8/20 led by Judy Qin & Ines Serf, and a SABPA Picnic on 8/21 coordinated by Angela Liu and Annie Lu.

We devote our activities and fundraising events to support teens in rural areas of China. We also have a project that focuses on setting up communication between sponsored students in China and YCC members, which is led by Sharon Lai and Patrick Zhuang.

We look forward to gaining your support. Join us and become a volunteer!

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